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Welcome to Pathwayz!

Hi! My name is Holly Sullivan, and I am very excited to introduce myself and my coaching business, Pathwayz, and to share my passion for empowering girls and young women to find their own unique pathway in life.


Pathwayz offers empowerment coaching for girls and young women. We are committed to uplifting, inspiring, and equipping the next generation of females with the skills and mindset to thrive in today's world. Through tailored programs, coaching workshops, mentorship programs, and personalized coaching sessions, Pathwayz aims to instill self-confidence, self-worth, and a sense of purpose in young females, while empowering them to embrace their unique strengths, set meaningful goals, and overcome societal pressures and obstacles. We offer three different coaching models, inspired by my passions, experience and expertise. Through Pathwayz coaching, young females can foster resilience, gain a strong sense of identity and find their full potential in our safe and supportive environment. 

Teaching! Coaching! Inspiring!

I'm a native New Yorker born and raised on Long Island. After deciding to relocate to the sunny state of Florida, I earned my bachelor's degree in Elementary Education and certification in Middle School Mathematics at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton. While teaching sixth grade math in Coral Springs, I met a man on a ship and my heart brought me up to Marshfield, Massachusetts where we have lived for 29 years. As I continued my teaching career in Massachusetts, we raised our two children, and my desire for personal and professional growth then led me to pursue my Master's Degree in Educational Leadership at American International College. After earning my administrative license, I went on to work as an Assistant Principal for two years. While I enjoyed working with students and teachers, in my role as Assistant Principal, I felt like I made a greater impact on both students and my fellow teachers working in the classroom as a middle school teacher. I started to realize that I wanted to give more to my students other than the traditional academic experience and guide new teachers to be successful educators through the experiences I have had in education that they do not teach in teacher preparation courses. As fate would have it, I came across an Empowerment coaching called Girlife and the Girlife Certification Program. This extraordinary program was founded by the amazing Melody Pourmoradi @girlifeempowerment. It was at that moment that I realized what I wanted to do for the rest of my career. Thank you, Melody, for opening my eyes to a whole new world of educating, coaching, and inspiring girls and young women. As a graduate of the Girlife Academy, I have solidified my commitment to empowerment coaching and the importance of social emotional growth for everyone. My journey as a teacher has fueled my desire to inspire and empower. 

For many years, I have had the privilege of working as a teacher, and this experience has been filled with challenges, rewards, and countless moments of inspiration.  Being a teacher has provided an invaluable foundation for my role as an empowerment coach. Through years of guiding students, I've honed my skills in effective communication, empathy, and understanding individual needs. These qualities are essential when working with young females, as they often face unique challenges in today's society. My experience has also equipped me with the ability to create a nurturing and inclusive learning environment, fostering trust and open dialogue. Through my years in the classroom, I’ve witnessed the immense potential within every young mind and the critical role that self-confidence and self-belief play in their academic and personal development. One of the most crucial aspects of teaching and being an educator is building meaningful relationships with students. By getting to know each student as an individual, understanding their unique strengths and challenges, and showing empathy, I have been able to connect with my students on a deeper level. These connections have not only enriched their learning experiences but have also provided a strong foundation for their personal development.​ Throughout my years as an educator, I have gained a vast array of experience in the areas of social emotional development, as well as growth mindset, and how they relate to young minds. ​My teaching journey has provided me with a strong foundation and a deep passion for guiding and supporting the personal growth and empowerment of girls and young women. ​I believe that education and coaching is the key to personal and societal growth, and this belief is the cornerstone to my driving force.​ Being an educator has allowed me to make a positive impact on young minds and contribute to the future of society, which I look forward to continuing in Pathwayz. 


At Pathwayz, our mission is to uncover the unlimited potential within every girl and young woman. We are dedicated to providing the tools and skills to guide and empower girls and young women as they develop their confidence, courage, and resilience to embark on their unique journeys towards becoming strong, empowered women of tomorrow.

While being an​ educator has been a very rewarding experience for me, being a mother has been the most profound and transformative role of my life. Over the years, I've had the privilege of watching my two children grow from vulnerable infants into strong, and (sometimes) independent adults. This journey has been marked by love, challenges, growth, and a deep sense of fulfillment. ​​My experience as a mother has uniquely prepared me to be an empowerment coach for girls and young women. The journey of motherhood has equipped me with a deep understanding of the developmental stages and challenges that young people face as they grow into adulthood. It has honed my ability to empathize, actively listen, and provide guidance while respecting their autonomy. Furthermore, my role as a mother has taught me the importance of fostering self-confidence, resilience, and self-worth, qualities that are essential in empowerment coaching. I've learned to celebrate individuality, encourage goal setting, and navigate the delicate balance between support and independence. My experiences as a mother have deepened my commitment to helping young women discover their strengths, overcome obstacles, and become confident, self-assured, and empowered individuals ready to tackle the challenges of the world with grace and determination.

Empowerment coaching is a powerful tool that can bridge the gap between educational and personal growth. At Pathwayz, we recognize the paramount importance of empowering girls and young women to live their best lives. As an educator and a mother, my commitment is to instill the next generation of women with a sense of self-worth and confidence to be successful in today's world and pursue their dreams fearlessly.


​Thank you for visiting Pathwayz. We look forward to sharing our passion and expertise with you.

​Holly Sullivan

Owner and Founder

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